Epicurean Poster

During the second semester of second year uni, I was chosen to be a part of the Italian Exchange Program, as one of 20 selected. During this time we completed a few different projects pertaining to our surroundings and the cultural differences we experienced during our brief stay. 

Our group of 3 was assigned the ‘Epicurean’ persona for our project. With this starting point we decided to create a one-stop guide to Italian food and etiquette for travellers. 
For a group project completed on a quick turn-around time, this project turned out really nicely. 

This A1 poster is the unfolded booklet, which folds down into a small handheld document which can be looked at during a food event or when searching for locations to eat around the city of Prato. 

Additional thanks to my group partners Kaye Simonson and Nic Love for their contributions. 

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