About Me

Hey again. I’ve been studying at Monash University Caulfield between 2015-2018 doing my Bachelors Degree in Communication Design. Before that I attended Melbourne Grammar School from year 7 to 12. I’ve lived in Melbourne, Singapore and London with my family, and have developed a keen taste for travel, completing an Italian exchange at the end of 2nd year uni. Recently, I’ve picked up a part time job at Fonda Richmond, working on the bar which is usually quite entertaining. 

In terms of design, I’m super motivated and dedicated to works that I enjoy. When I’m emotionally invested in a brief, nothing will stop me from creating an impressive outcome. It just takes that level of engagement for me and from there I’ll go wild. I’m looking for a studio or other environment that can provide these sorts of exciting projects to keep me motivated and encourage me to learn new things and methods. Alternatively, when not engaged with the project, I will still try to complete it to the best of my ability, but often it becomes quit exhausting. 

Hopefully, I’ve you’ve read this far, you’re finding me somewhat interesting. So, why don’t you go ahead and get in touch. 


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