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A modern rebrand that addresses the needs of a contemporary Travel/Tourism brand. Using a new range of colour and an alternative typeface, this rebrand has established JUCY as a leader in it’s field. 

The moment one looks upon the current Jucy branding, they are instantly polarised. The bold choice of using only their trademark green and purple colours, whilst separating them from their competitors in terms of visual identity, often creates a difficult image to observe. In addition, they also had a variety of different approaches to their use of colour, type and the graphic of the pin-up girl (which seemed out of place as it is). 

Hence my desire to rebrand them and re-position them into a more progressive stance. 

To begin with, I refreshed their colour palette, adding the pink and off white colours. This adds some dimension to the brand and gives the chance to experiment with more variety and versatility. 

Additionally, I changed their header typeface to ‘Funkturm’, which as you can see is quite appropriate. It gives off the jovial essence well, whilst retaining clarity and some sense of movement. 

With a new grasp on their personality, tone and essence, Jucy is now set to attract their majority backpacker audience as well as expanding into the more discerning consumer of the family market. 

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Jucy Showreel from Tom Badge on Vimeo.

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