Sector Twelve

Sector Twelve is a speculative brand based off my experimentation with 3D rendering software, Cinema 4D. The project lasted for 3 weeks, with the first week being solely a visual experimentation in composition. I came up with this 3D glossy object which I found very visually appealing and decided to stick with it. By collaborating with other students, we created a list of words which described this composition, coming up with terms like sombre, futuristic, nightclub and surreal. 

Using this information, Sector Twelve was born. A bar and nightclub in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD that is created with the intention of being an enticing, alluring venue, that aims to provide an out of this world experience.

With a mysterious theme based out of abstraction and colour, the realm of Sector Twelve is overwhelming. For those who hate tacky themed places, fear not. For Sector Twelve is of a different breed. It is slick, contemporary, dark and seductive. With a range of drinks and food items, the appetite of even the most discerning social connoisseur will be quenched.

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